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Paragraph Organization Question

The following groups of sentences need to be arranged in an order that makes sense. Select the letter preceding the sequence that represents the best sentence order. Then select "Submit One Answer" to go to the next question.

  1. On the contrary, the two main theories—the cooperative (neoclassical) theory and the radical (labor) theory—clearly rest on very different assumptions, which have very different ethical overtones.
  2. The distribution of income is the primary factor in determining the relative levels of material well being that different groups or individuals attain.
  3. Of all issues in economics, the distribution of income is one of the most controversial.
  4. The neoclassical theory tends to support the existing income distribution (or minor changes), while the labor theory tends to support major changes in the way income is distributed.
  5. The intensity of the controversy reflects the fact that different economic theories are not purely neutral, "detached" theories with no ethical or moral implications.

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